Do you also notice like me that the more years you have stayed in the US the more you get cut off from the happenings in India. The things that happen there are not my priority anymore( I hate it but its true..!!)

Just the other day I was remembering the fun I had with my family at the various festivals it hit me that I had completely forgotten about Holi.. I was never a very big fan of playing Holi but just the fact that I did not even remember it made me very sad..

I know what you all are thinking ..that its probably my fault (And it is!!!)..but I get so caught up with my life here that I think slowly I am getting far away from my homeland..!

Then I decided that I am not letting my life get away from me.I am in total control!! Thats my new mantra..!

I sat with a cup of coffee one evening and started writing what I liked about my life in India.. Its my hope that my daughter will live and love India someday!!!

Holi got me started thinking about colors..

How can you choose a single color to be a favourite?

Colors represent every mood in my life, every season..

Pink are for love.

White is for peace.

Blue is for energy.

Red is for anger.

Black is for depression.

Lavender for mauve.


I can envision a whole season just by looking at a color.

Greens remind me of Spring..Can you feel the moistness, the crisp freshness of spring in that color? I can also hear the pitter patter of the rain when I look at that color.. I remember how beautifully that color stands out after a rain shower..!

Yellow for me is summer..I can feel the brightness in it..the hot and sultry weather..

Rusts and Oranges for Fall..! The bold union of these colors gives us the most colorful season of all..!!!

Then there is Winter..Of course the color of winter is white…:)

White dominates this whole season..I can feel the beauty of this season in the continuity of white.

For me time comes to a standstill in this season when all you want to so is sit with a cup of coffee and watch out of the window. This is the most beautiful sight of all..

Doesnt it feel like someone had colored the whole landscape with a giant brush?

Only then did I realize how important part colors play in our life.


I have never been a venturer…I like doing things I am good at. I hate to not be good at something..so I rarely try different things..Its a vicious circle.

So you can understand how routine my life is..I always thought that this was a case only in cooking..

But in retrospect it says about my entire life..But thats for another post..

My husband always complains that I dont cook a lot of South Indian food..I have a simple answer to this.. I AM not a South Indian.. I grew up in Pune..and am a PBCT(Pune Born Confused Telegu) 😀

But the bottom line is that I did not venture out in the huge world of cooking till I found Mahanadi..and inspired by Indira I started trying new things.

Now I am at a point where I try to make a new dish every week..!

This blog is a chronicle of all my experiments..